Calvary United Church


The full scope of God’s mission belongs to each and every one of us; some of us are lucky enough to make a living through the work of the church! The staff team at Calvary seeks to coordinate and connect the efforts of its congregation members and committees with the needs of the community, the United Church of Canada, and the wider world.

The names listed here are a mere fragment of those working and praying for the Holy Spirit’s active presence in our ordinary lives. Together, we journey forth in faith and hope.

Staff Profiles

Kenji Marui
Coordinating Minister of Worship and Care
Favourite Colour: Pink
Favourite Food: Whatever happens to be on the BBQ
Favourite Bible Story: David and Bathsheba
Hobbies: Sports, cooking, reading
Dream Vacation: Japan

Denise Jung
Director of Music

Karen Dickie
Office Administrator 

Mike Wittich (Weekday Custodian)

 Darcy Bettridge (Sunday Custodian)

Other Staff & Volunteers

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Marg LaRocque Chair, Official Board   (519) 434-5526
Kevin Fisher  Acting Chair, Stewardship & Finance   (519) 434-5526
Nancy Hind Treasurer nancyhind(at) (519) 434-4048
William Whitlock Chair, Worship Committee   (519) 438-4460
Mary Kannakko Chair, Christian Development Committee   (519) 434-5526
Fran Menard Acting Chair, Membership & Pastoral Care   (519) 433-9536
Bonnie McNichol and Karen Butt Co-Chairs, Outreach Committee   (519) 434-5526
Mary Margaret Farrow United Church Women mmfarrow1(at) (519) 657-7831
Dana Hansen Director, Calvary Nursery School info(at) (519) 438-6638
John Blacklock Scouts Program scouterjack(at)  
Bruce Jones Catalyst Newsletter scouterbruce(at) (519) 432-8223