Calvary United Church

Bursary Background:

This bursary was established several years ago by a bequest to the Church from the estate of Miriam Lois Gibson. The bequest was designated to ‘Calvary United Church, London Bursary Fund, London Ontario”.

The bursary is administered by the Board of Trustees. In 2005, the Board approved new rules and regulations for the school year commencing September, 2005. Bursaries are awarded to eligible applicants who demonstrate financial need to pursue higher education.

Amount of Bursary
The maximum payout in any one calendar year is $4,000 for all recipients combined. Final awarding of the bursaries is at the discretion of the Selection Committee. In any given year, there may be limited payouts depending on the applications received.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicant must be a member of Calvary United Church or a member of its staff.
  • The bursary is awarded to students of a Canadian university or community college.
  • The applicant may be a full –time or part-time student.
  • Applicants must fill out the application form and submit it to the Church office by the end of April for the school year commencing September of that year.

  • Awarding of the bursary shall be at the discretion of the Selection Committee appointed by the Board of Trustees. The selection committee shall consist of a minimum of 4 members.
  • Applicants wishing to apply must follow the procedures below.
  • At the discretion of the Selection Committee there may be a year when no bursary is awarded.
  • Members of the Selection Committee and members of their immediate families are not eligible to receive a bursary.